Mary Mustoe

Coaching, Communication Skills and Leadership Development

Mary Mustoe

Coaching, Communication Skills and Leadership Development


Phone: 01263 514 642

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Callander House

Top Common

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Norfolk NR27 9PR

Welcome, I help individuals, teams and organisations make and sustain long lasting change and development. I use skills and knowledge based on substantial management research and practice. I am keen to share these with you via personal coaching, training or consultancy work. My passion is effective communication. 

I am committed to finding refinements and to updating my own knowledge and skills. This means that I read and research to ensure that I bring in materials from a wide range of sources to enhance the services I can offer you.

Success is the result of good judgement

Good judgement is the result of experience

Experience is often the result of bad judgement.

      Anthony Robbins

I know that it is important to get what you want and that sometimes that is hard to identify on your own.  I would love to help you clarify what you want , how you can best achieve it and what I can do to help.........   

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Challenging others to challenge themselves….

In coaching, training and work with teams I ask people to be curious and to explore different ways of thinking and behaving. I am skilled at working at a deep level to challenge others in a supportive way which is positively received by clients.

I draw on my extensive training and professional experience as practitioner, middle and Senior Manager.  I hold an MA in Social Work and a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Professional Practice with Children and Families. I have worked at five Universities lecturing at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

In addition I am an NLP Master Practitioner and Qualified Coach and have extensive training and assessment in Non-Verbal Intelligence Communication and Face Reading. In 2014 I became a Certified Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience. In 2016 I studied Strategic Intervention Coaching. Every piece of learning feeds directly into my personalised and tailored work with individuals and organisations.

In 2009 I founded Callander Associates Ltd. with Simon Arthur.   

In 2015 I became an accredited and certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist. This is a very powerful process and can be delivered on a one to one basis or in groups.

My personal mission is to learn and grow more - if you are ready for coaching or training which has this focus then please Contact Mary

Previous Clients include:

  •        Reed Business International
  •        Voluntary Norfolk
  •        Ministry of Justice
  •        Norfolk County Council
  •        Suffolk County Council
  •        Essex County Council
  •        CAFCASS
  •        Beat
  •        YMCA
  •        Families House
  •        CAB
  •        Authors, Therapists, Lecturers 



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