Mary Mustoe

Coaching, Communication Skills and Leadership Development

Fascination with people and their choices has always been a passion. I love to help people realise that they have choices and a chance to change, no matter how stuck they may feel at the moment.

Clients often feedback on successes they have had in their personal life, relationships, businesses or dreams. For example, a wonderful author Sarah Passingham, who I coached, wrote to me recently to tell me that her book is being published this year (2019) – literally a dream come true. Her dream came about through lots of hard work, belief, moments of doubt and paralysis and an openeness to “what if the best was yet to come!”

I offer coaching to individuals who want to have an extraordinary quality to their lives; to live fully and to be excited by the life they are designing. I encourage clients to be curious and move away from judging themselves, many times harshly! I use over 30 years’ experience of working with people, often in crisis, to make a positive and creative working relationship which allows them to explore their options and, when ready, to really take action.

I have been blessed to have been trained, shaped and challenged by extraordinarily skilled individuals, including 

Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts, Steven Gilligan, Jan Elfine, Suzie Smith, Tad James, Michael Grinder, John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair, Tony Robbins, Mark and Magali Peysha, Joe Navarro, Glenna Trout, Professor Patricia Riddell

all outstanding communicators and thinkers, thank you for your skills talent and wisdom. They have enabled me to grow and develop so that I can offer you exciting and stimulating sessions.

I know it can be hard on your own to decide how and why you want to make changes and coaching enables you to explore your thinking and any confusion 

in order to make the changes you want.


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