Mary Mustoe

Coaching, Communication Skills and Leadership Development


Phone: 01263 514 642

Mobile: 07806 451 004

Callander House

Top Common

East Runton

Norfolk NR27 9PR

Welcome, I help individuals, teams and organisations make and sustain long lasting change and development. I use skills and knowledge based on substantial management research and practice. I am keen to share these with you via personal coaching, training or consultancy work. My passion is effective communication. 

I am committed to finding refinements and to updating my own knowledge and skills. This means that I read and research to ensure that I bring in materials from a wide range of sources to enhance the services I can offer you.

Success is the result of good judgement

Good judgement is the result of experience

Experience is often the result of bad judgement.

      Anthony Robbins

I know that it is important to get what you want and that sometimes that is hard to identify on your own.  I would love to help you clarify what you want , how you can best achieve it and what I can do to help.........   

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Challenging others to challenge themselves….

In coaching, training and work with teams I ask people to be curious and to explore different ways of thinking and behaving. I am skilled at working at a deep level to challenge others in a supportive way which is positively received by clients.

I draw on my extensive training and professional experience as practitioner, middle and Senior Manager.  I hold an MA in Social Work and a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Professional Practice with Children and Families. I have worked at five Universities lecturing at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

In addition I am an NLP Master Practitioner and Qualified Coach and have extensive training and assessment in Non-Verbal Intelligence Communication and Face Reading. In 2014 I became a Certified Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience. In 2016 I studied Strategic Intervention Coaching. Every piece of learning feeds directly into my personalised and tailored work with individuals and organisations.

In 2009 I founded Callander Associates Ltd. with Simon Arthur.   

In 2015 I became an accredited and certified Grief Recovery Method® Specialist. This is a very powerful process and can be delivered on a one to one basis or in groups. At the moment, I am not actively working in this field. Please contact Simon Arthur who is able to offer Grief Recovery programmes face to face and shortly, as an Advanced Specialist, through video link.

My personal mission is to learn and grow more - if you are ready for coaching or training which has this focus then please Contact Mary

Previous Clients include:

  •        Reed Business International
  •        Voluntary Norfolk
  •        Ministry of Justice
  •        Norfolk County Council
  •        Suffolk County Council
  •        Essex County Council
  •        CAFCASS
  •        Beat
  •        YMCA
  •        Families House
  •        CAB
  •        Authors, Therapists, Lecturers