Simon Arthur

At the moment, I am not offering Grief Recovery® services, although I am always in awe of how powerful a programme this is. Simon Arthur and I collaborate and support each others' work and he is now specialising in Grief Recovery work. Please do pick up the phone and make that call which can free you from your struggle with grief and loss. I know Simon would love to hear from you - if you want to find out more, click here.



For ten years Callander Associates Ltd enabled Mary and Simon to work together on a range of projects either as a team or as individuals. From 2021 we are focusing on other priorities.

We offer work in the following areas:


Management and Professional Training -  we design and deliver bespoke training courses for organisations delivering on internal priorities and ambitions for the future.

Coaching and Mentoring - we offer tailor made packages to individuals from a range of backgrounds and organisations eg Headteachers, Authors, Chief Executives, Therapists.


Project Work - we have substantial experience of carrying out specific reviews/projects for agencies including: Voluntary Norfolk, Suffolk YOS, Suffolk Constabulary, Norfolk Criminal Justice Board and the Ministry of Justice.

Team Development  - utilising group dynamics and non-verbal communication we work with teams to increase their effectiveness by ensuring that the contribution of each individual is valued and understood. How do you engage the "difficult" member of the team who is actually your greatest asset?

Writing - exploring and utilising practice and training experiences.