Training and Development

Trainers were interesting and passionate which supported my ‘want’ to be interested and passionate about social work”. 


An excellent training course. I can remember things I’ve picked up from it, know how to put things into practice (sometimes quite rare from some of the much poorer training courses!!). Mary encouraged debate and I feel I learnt a great deal from this as it raised other peoples’ views, ideas for good practice and as said above makes you look at your own way of working which you don’t always do when you are busy and just getting on with the job.

(Social Worker)

I have in my last post had an opportunity to again work with Mary in her consultancy and training roles.  I found her to be very professional in all our exchanges.  She was very clear about the work that was required, how this could be achieved, within a specified timescale which was met.

(Chief Executive CRC)

She is an excellent trainer.

(Charity Manager)

You sowed the seed of confidence that has taught an old dog that he can learn new tricks. Now I have a hunger for it, I have signed myself up for a management course, so as not to let the grass grow underneath my feet.

(Adult returner to Education)


It was really good to be able to be coached by you during the process. I’m sure this made a significant difference to me feeling “at one with myself again.”

(Head of Service)

When you touch someone's life, it leaves a lasting effect then equips them for whatever life throws at them.

(Head Teacher)

Mary has a rare ability to give negative feedback, so that the receiver feels energised and able to move forward. I have been on the receiving end of this, but also observed it happening to a third party. When working, Mary is focussed, keeps people on track and ensures the task gets completed. Mary is an excellent listener and great fun to be with.

(Chief Executive Third Sector Organisation)

What makes Mary special is her real ability to engage with people in a way that makes them feel responsive and their views important and this means that an atmosphere of trust easily happens. Her organisational abilities are significant and I had complete confidence in you completing the task with skill, thoroughness and within agreed timescales.

(Head of Service Youth Offending Team)

Mary as a Learner

You have been a star student and have improved so much in your ability to look beyond that which you knew and what is out there. No doubt your future students, co-workers, or employers will benefit from your knowledge.

(Jo Navarro, FBI retd.)

You are a beautiful blend of part sceptic and a whole lot of appreciation. You are willing to try something even if you don’t initially believe.

(Michael Grinder)